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Contact Lenses
One Mr. Gregg's specialties is in the area of contact lens design, He has invented 7 contact lenses and is internationally known for his ability to make prosthetic contact lenses which can help with:
Different eye coloration
Decentered eyes
Macular degeneration
Blown pupils
And many more maladies

Contact Lens Services


Contact lens fitting and sizing

Many different contacts available

Prosthetic contact lenses

Theatrical contact lenses

Macular Degeneration contact lenses

Contact lenses for blown pupils

Contact lenses that work as sunglasses

Mr. Gregg has also invented and made contact lenses for movies, videos, rock stars, stage productions, television shows, and commercials. As he always says "IF you can dream it up, we can probably find a way
to make it".
Dr. Palmer has many years of experience in fitting all types of contact lenses, including:
Single vision lenses
Bifocal contact lenses
Toric contact lenses
Monovision contacts
Bi-toric contacts
Modified bifocal contacts
Aphakic contact lenses
Gas permeable contact lenses
PMMA contact lenses
If you are having a problem with your vision or been told by another optical office that you can't wear contact lenses, give us a call. We have become internationally known for being able to find solutions that the average office might not be able to accomplish.