Inver Grove Heights Family Eye Clinic
6175 Cahill Ave. E. #101
Inver Grove Heights, MN. 55076
Phone: (651) 455-1492

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-Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday-

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Eye Glasses
We have the largest selection of eyeglass frames and lenses in this area. We normally have over 2000
eyeglass frames in our inventory, so that we can solve most needs that any patient could have. We will
more that likely have what you are looking for but in the event that we do not, we can order from most companies. If the item is not available, just ask, we have made frames from scratch and modified
frames currently available.

You can learn more about Inver Grove Family Eye Clinic services by browsing through the services web pages on our website or by contacting our staff.  We offer comprehensive eye examinations from a certified Optometrist and accept many insurance plans.


Eye Glass Services                                                           


Frame soldering/ welding                                                  

Lens resizing                                                                     

Frame color coating                                                          

Lens reshaping                                                                  

Frame adjustments                                                           

Custom frames                                                                 

Custom lens designs